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India 🇮🇳 Kanyakumari to Kashmir

6 months, 2 Royal Enfield Bullets, 65 near deaths, 1 hospitalisation, 2 CT scans, 1682 cups of chai & 25,000km of ground covered. I didn’t know Maz before I reached India. I do now. Here are the best (and worst) bits.
India 🇮🇳 Kanyakumari to Kashmir
Goats taking over.


Smelling great today.
Clooney teaching skills at Anjunabeach
Anjunabeats at Anjunbeach

New Delhi
The Golden Temple
Maz looking good.
Grumbles in all his glory at, Tso Moriri Lake
Lucky Man — full story Link
Back where it all started.
Brain is still distinctly average. Try better next time and all that jazz.