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I’m Tom and I make products, logos, websites & a nice ginger and honey flapjack based on my Grandma’s old recipe.

I spend most of my time bringing products and companies to life, working as the product lead in a number of venture-backed startups.

I’m currently working at Ideal Modular Homes where we’re building gorgeous, eco-friendly homes. I run the Fetch software team that assists everything from the design, manufacturing and installation of the buildings.

Before this I led product at Patchwork—from its seed round to Series A—where we brought flexible working to healthcare for doctors and other healthcare workers.

~25,000km Across Asia


2016 - 2017 was when I travelled ~25,000km on a motorbike right across Asia; India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore.

From 2014 - 2016, together with Luke Barnes and Paul Freeman, I co-founded Fruitful—where people like you invested in mortgages–no bank required.

Before Fruitful, Afroleft was a tiny design firm that helped companies develop websites. We led projects for clients such as Countrywide, a University of Manchester spin out company, the UK Government, and many more.

Outside of the day-to-day

Occasionally I speak about the things that I work on. Recently I spoke at The Data Visualisation Summit in London, where I talked about our use visual data at Fruitful.

Along with the wonderful Matt Richards, I founded the Liverpool based show and tell event for people working on products. Demo provides a platform for people working on products and ideas to showcase their work and gain feedback.

Sage Business Experts
Ocassionaly I produce an article for Sage and their 6million+ clients around the world. Topics include design, technology and bits on business in general.

I also take photos, produce the occasional mix, and ride an outdated red pushbike.