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Typographic Refurb

I’m only halfway through Ellen Lupton’s Thinking With Type, and she’s already inspired me to make some subtle and not so subtle changes around here.

I think one of the biggest things I’ve taken from the book so far is confidence with type pairing. Previously, using a mixture of different sizes, weights and character spacing I’ve generally stuck to employing one typeface. This is sound methodology, but not having the confidence to mix typefaces quickly becomes a creative straightjacket.

This time I’ve contrasted Lato’s charming round strokes and classical proportions with Franchise – the solid, upright display type, used in the This Is That mark. Where mixing typefaces is concerned, I’ve learned that it’s important to look for contrast. Ellen wraps things up nicely:

“Combining typefaces is like making a salad. Start with a small number of elements representing colours, tastes, and textures. Strive for contrast rather than harmony, looking for emphatic differences rather than mushy transitions.

Give each ingredient a role to play; sweet tomatoes, crunch cucumbers, and the pungent shock of the occasional anchovy.”

Alongside the type refurb is a new, flexible grid as well as the addition of two new sections, the portfolio and about pages. I’m hoping now things are spruced up, I’ll be better motivated to write and publish my design process a bit more.