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Back to School

I spent most of Wednesday helping out at Liverpool's Cardinal Heenan School for an Enterprise Day.

Apart from having great fun and a school dinner, I worked with the students on a proper roll your sleeves-up day of taking a product from idea through to pitching a concept.

I think my quote wraps-up the day nicely:

"First things first; taking a product from idea through to concept is more than difficult. Add to that a time constraint of a school day, product pitches, adverting campaigns and financial planning and we're really talking.

That, apparently, was not enough to faze the boys from Cardinal Heenan. I think I speak for all of the panelists when I say we were left amazed and open-mouthed by the quality of their product concepts, marketing ideas, financial planning, cultural awareness and above all, their confident and engaging product pitches."

If I had a hat, I'd take it off a thousand times for those boys.