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5 Years Late

With a pile of books and a text editor, around five years ago I started my journey into the world wide web. Since then, I’ve managed to make myself a little place to work and have recently co-founded a place for connecting and sharing with other, like-minded dance music fanatics.

I’ve worked with a bunch of big companies, small companies, good people, bad people, interesting projects and not-so interesting projects, but something has been missing all the way through my little journey. This something has been pushed to the bottom of my to-do pile with the same disregard as my end of year tax return. What you ask?


Today I’m putting an end to this ungodly trait. Whether it’s just for myself, or for the dogs, I’m promising to write more about the things that I love and the things that I’ve learnt.

I owe Mitch Joel a big thank you for motivating and inspiring me with his excellent 6 Pixels of Separation – if you’re not blogging, please grab a copy.

Anyway, here’s to just another WordPress Perch Ghost blog.