Fruitful Logo

Fruitful is the company I’m co-founder of. We’ve built a product that enables people to lend directly to mortgage borrowers.

The Problem

When I joined the company, it was incorporated as Crowd Mortgage Limited. Shortly after I joined, we made an application to trademark the name.

The Trademark Office came back to us with a rejection letter. There was a firm in our sector with a similar name (and much more resources — should they have needed to field a legal case against us).

I was never wedded to the name Crowd Mortgage. With the proliferation of crowd funding, there’s been a mountain of new firms branding themselves as CrowdX / CrowdY / CrowdZ.

On top of this, I’ve never been a fan of descriptive brand names. As soon as you decide to call your firm Dave’s Ladders, it’s tricky to start selling windows under that moniker.

I prefer picking a name that’s less descriptive — something that you can load your own meaning into.

2 Days of Brainstorming

Photo of the mind maps we made

Thumbs up / Thumbs down

We listed brand names we liked. We listed brand names we thought were disgusting.

![Photo of the lists we made]

We liked the idea of something organic sounding — something that echoed letting your investment grow, getting a healthy deal.

We really liked Fruitful.

fruitful |
adjective (of a tree, plant, or land) producing much fruit; fertile. this seed will grow into a lovely fruitful tree.
producing good or helpful results; productive: memoirs can be a fruitful source of information.
(of a person) producing many offspring. and God said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply. be happy, be fruitful. Was Not Available

As a workaround, we decided to prepend love to fruitful for:

To Fruit or Not to Fruit?

Here are some of the quick iterations we went through.

Fruitful logo iteration

Fruitful logo iteration

Fruitful logo iteration

Growing Fond

We all liked the quick sketch that I made using FiftyThree’s excellent Paper for iPad.

Sketch of Fruitful logo

We decided to move forward with this concept — using the wonderful Johnston typeface to accompany the geometric mark.

Fruitful Logo grid animation

Fruitful Logo

Fruitful business cards

Style Tiles

Fruitful colour palette

Fruitful style tiles


  • We successfully rolled-out the branding across the website, product and printed materials.
  • The simple mark works well at both large small sizes.
  • We liked our new identity =)